The incredible shrinking man (1957)

The cosy, idyllic intro is followed by a brisk, cleverly told escalation where complications with society grow as our hero shrinks. Abruptly, all turns into a primordial fight for survival, ending in a mental revelation with religious overtones.

Well-structured and to the point, you can’t help but feel for the little man. Uneven acting, scenography and special effects in combination with pompous voice-over places this in the B category, though. Maybe in my book.

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2 Responses to 582

  1. elwoodcox says:

    Definitely miles ahead of the unfortunate Lily Tomlin remake "The Incredible Shrinking Woman,"

  2. nicolas krizan says:

    joel schumachers glorious directorial debute ;-)haven’t seen it, doubt if i ever will

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