The Conversation (1974)

An introvert, religious surveillance expert basically unable to connect with humanity is tormented by guilt and paranoia. Trying to cope with life by concentrating on his work, he is slowly trapped in a confusing maze incomprehensible despite the advanced bugging equipment at his hands.

Discomforting, well-acted and in my book.

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3 Responses to 593

  1. An underrated film, easy to overlook because Coppola directed this around the same time as the first two Godfather films. What’s fascinating to me is how the conversation in question takes on different meanings as the film progresses. Well acted, but also a very smart script. An atypical Hackman character, too.

  2. nicolas krizan says:

    The woman’s comment about the killing is especially important, but did they fake it a little? The emphasis sounded slightly different the last time, or is it me becoming as paranoid as poor old Harry Caul?

  3. You may be paranoid, but this isn’t proof. The recording does indeed change throughout the film to emphasize the changing meaning.

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