Le temps retrouvé (1999)

Sounds, sights and fragrances throws a dying author back and forth in time for fragments of remembrance. Intensely passionate and curiously detached at the same time. Controlled and literary, still using all kinds of poetic cinematography – cameras, objects and people move magically and mildly delirious through upper-class tableaux and inexplicable, surreal dreamscenes. The long, circling, relaxed takes gives a bittersweet taste to the lost past depicted, populated by effeminate, foppish men and women of unworldly beauty. Sifting through layers of appearance, delusion and perception, the author slowly grows indifferent to death.

Intriguing, intellectual and romantic. Would probably have been even more rewarding if I had read the original works by Proust, but this one stays in my book on its own merit.

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