De man die zijn haar kort liet knippen (1965)

»But that vagueness, that’s what I believe in«

A balding, middle-aged little teacher awakes from his dreams to the sounds of churchbells and shrill voices. He is still safe in his orderly and tidy world, a world that can be controlled, differing starkly from society at large. There, it’s farewell time. Seniors leave school for reality, and our main character is lost, destroyed by the torment of loving from a distance.

After some time, he is invited on a bizarre journey concerning a mysterious disappearance, and involving a grotesque investigation. The journey also leads to an unexpected reunion. Fantasy? Fate? A second chance?

The drowsy, leisured atmosphere permeates the dull and grey world, perfectly matching the slow, philosophical story of loneliness, failure, confusion, destiny, truth and madness.

A sick, indecipherable, irritating male fantasy. Maybe in my book.

»Where does the soul reside in Franny Veen?«

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