Giv’a 24 Eina Ona [Hill 24 doesn’t answer] (1955)

The stuffy, didactic intro is set against an appallingly unexpected and gruesomely foreboding image montage followed by a severely one-sided and propagandistic view on Israeli history, albeit with strange, nervous energy. Straightforward though clumsy acting blends with a sometimes almost documentary atmosphere, portraying the fascinating multi-lingual pressure-cooker chaos of post-WW2 Middle East. Slightly condescending »white man’s burden« tendencies clash with moments of tucked-on, rather unbelievable bonding across cultures. All in all a strange story with long and partly irrelevant flashbacks, sometimes displaying far too much out-of-context silent movie aesthetics. And the drastic, stoic ending is confusingly abrupt.

Significant and probably necessary, but not in my book.

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