The Magnificent Ambersons (1942)

Tongue-in-cheekily mocking the mores and habits of bygone days in sweeping, proto-Altmanesque manner. Moving elegantly from lighthearted silent movie paraphrase – old stars included – to angst-ridden, slightly oedipal elegy of time and love.

Obviously hurt – some say completely ruined – by the extensive reworkings forced upon it by unfortunate circumstances. The remains are still magnificent enough for my book, though.

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2 Responses to 871

  1. Bellis says:

    Not unfortunate circumstances – criminally stupid producers, rather. However, I am still hoping that all the footage cut out will some day be found, so that they can replace all the added footage with the lost footage and restore the film to its original, wellesian state.They did, after all, finally come up with a complete copy of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.Drive a hard,Bellis

  2. nicolas krizan says:

    After reading a little about the different versions/rewrites/changes (including ones said to be ok by Welles), I’ll wait with my judgment until the footage shows up.But the existing ending is extremely unfitting, no doubt about that! Even if it supposedly follows the original book…

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