Pensionat Paradiset (1937)

Rightfully bashed by critics then and now, this is the most notorious swedish »pilsnerfilm«, a genre of quick-and-dirty simpleton comedies catering to all the lowest common denominators. Surprisingly weak – formulaic and boring with bland story, clichéd characters, and tired jokes.

Blissfully short, though still tedious and dramaturgically inept, with few worthwhile moments and limited nostalgic charm. Not in my book.

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2 Responses to 908

  1. So what is their justification for putting it in the book?

  2. nicolas krizan says:

    I don’t have the swedish edition so I don’t know for sure, but a qualified guess is »Historical Importance«. This one is considered _the_ seminal Pilsnerfilm, and has been the topic of many a heated debate, from the 30s and onward.After linking this post to my Facebook page a couple of hours ago, nostalgic swedish film buff friends of mine immediately questioned how I could be critical of this – in their opinions – pinnacle of swedish movie comedy history ;-)If you want to judge for yourself, the movie is freely available from here (don’t know where to find english subtitles, though):http://www.archive.org/details/Pensionat_Paradiset_1937

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