愛のコリーダ [In the realm of the senses] (1976)

»I guess you have to approach death to feel the height of ecstasy«

Overwhelmingly sexual, but in a very different and twisted way. As in regular porn, sex is everything and everywhere. Nothing can quench the insatiable, possessive, desperate lust of the main characters. But tainted by jealousy, isolation, and madness, their overheated fantasies of pleasure and pain turn increasingly violent and destructive, escalating into ever more dangerous games.

High-brow exploitation. Maybe in my book.

»Let’s be happy together forever«

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2 Responses to 1101

  1. i just watched this one myself. You’re nicer to it than I am. There definitely is something behind the sex, but there’s so much sex here that I couldn’t find it worth it.

  2. nicolas krizan says:

    I wholeheartedly agree that the sex constantly gets in the way of the story. Especially when they even use standard porn clichés. A disturbing movie.

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