La belle noiseuse (1991)

»You’re always disappointed with the answer.«

Actors pose too consciously, characters are too intense, dialogue too intelligent, settings too beautiful, intrigue too contrived. All of which is quite fitting in this high-strung tale of artists, muses, and lovers. Everything gyrates slowly, touching issues such as dependence and control, success and failure, possession and release. Life as well as art is depicted as a quest and a contest, overflowing with feelings of inferiority and fear of being replaced. Everyone is measured, used, gives up, and quickly starts over again.

A heavily romanticized – and frankly rather tedious – view of the creative process in all its futility and revelation. I know it is unfair judgement, but sometimes this feels like little more than an overly cerebral way to lots of gratuitiously exposed feminine flesh. Not even in my book of unabashed artsy-fartsiness.

»It’s not the nudity. It’s something else.«

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