Sherman’s march (1986)
»I think you should tidy up a little bit«
Try the official subtitle for this movie: »A meditation on the possibility of romantic love in the south during an era of nuclear weapons proliferation«. It may sound a little fuzzy, but is actually very much to the point. The director/main character hides behind his camera and at the same time uses it for reasons unclear even to himself. He simultaneously suffers from, observes, and reflects upon a kind of existential aimlessness seemingly due to his deep-seated inability to maintain a serious long-term relationship. And everywhere, there are hints of approaching apocalypse.
Strangely brilliant. In my book.
»It seems I’m filming my life in order to have a life to film«

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6 Responses to 1110

  1. Bea says:

    I liked this one a lot. Have you tried David Holzman’s Diary yet? I think it’s the granddaddy of Sherman’s March. I saw it on Netflix Instant in the last few weeks.

  2. You’re right, there’s definitely some kind of connection, even if this one is more of a »real« documentary. I saw Holzman’s Diary a while back, the review can be found here:


  3. Klaus says:

    I absolutely love Sherman’s March. I saw in in theaters when it came out – not knowing much about it and was blown away by the humor and insight.

  4. How was image quality? The digital copy I watched wasn’t very crisp on my laptop screen, but I imagined this was partly because of the equipment used when filming.

  5. It does what I like a good documentary to do, which is take you in unexpected directions.

  6. Unexpected even for the movie-maker, as it seems.

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