Idioterne (1998)

This ambiguous and uncomfortable mockumentary – with emphasis on »mock« – is actually enhanced by von Trier’s self-imposed »Dogme 95« manifesto (even if it does break a few of the rules). A devilish study of group dynamics and provocation, with everyone in search for their own higher truth. What is the benefits and/or drawbacks of intelligence and naïvete? What is our place in a rational society? What do we go through, perhaps unnecessarily or even without wanting to, in order to move on and create something new?

Severely flawed and downright clumsy at times, but the unbridled originality and many surprises touches both heart and head, keeping this in my book of »normality«.

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4 Responses to 1121

  1. SJHoneywell says:

    Not in mine. I hated this one.

  2. I can very well understand that people hate von Trier and his movies, this one being no exception with its lack of answers, technical failures, provocative immoralities, etc. But despite everything, the weird Dane most often makes me think and feel. A lot. He is very irritating, but also interesting.

  3. SJHoneywell says:

    I don’t hate von Trier movies as a rule. I was really moved by Dancer in the Dark, for instance. I just hated this one.

  4. Dancer in the dark is definitely moving, as is the equally cruel Breaking the waves. And Riget is at least funny/creepy. The weakest one I’ve seen so far is the beautiful-looking Melancholia. Wouldn’t mind trying Dogville or Manderlay, but don’t know if I have guts enough for Antichrist…

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