La meglio gioventù (2003)

An epic 354 minute coming of age drama, skilfully mixing personal and political. Tracing almost four decades of contemporary Italy’s turbulent history, not flinching from complications. Choices of life, the inevitability of time with the old slowly giving way to the relentless flood of the new. Clashes between ideals and reality, family values, sacrifice, duty. And – above all – a troubled but close brotherhood with unsurmountable differences and equally great similarities.

Modern, well written, intellectual melodrama – unfortunately stretching credibility too far. Everyone looks like a model, acting is uneven, coincidences abound with main characters always in the middle of the most defining historical moments.

Reconciliation and closure seem not only possible, but necessary. Maybe in my book of language, flow, and detail.

»Italy is a country to be destroyed, a beautiful but useless place, destined to die«

»What were you looking for in the police force?«
»To do what with?«
»Apply them.«

»It means they are split in two – but who isn’t?«

»Life is different, it’s not you who decides.«
»You’re wrong. I’ve always decided.«

»What do we say when you win?«
»Long live the market!«

»I loved them both, but I wasn’t capable of imprisoning them with this love. It was my idea of freedom. I thought everyone had a right to live as they pleased.«

»Kids are too full of life, too full of people to love to be disheartened by what happens to their fathers. Or mothers.«

»Everything that exists is beautiful. With three exclamation points. Do you still believe that?«
»I don’t believe in exclamation points anymore.«

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