F for Fake (1973)

»Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth«

Sly and entertaining, jittery and rhapsodic, intricate and many-layered – a very tongue-in-cheek pondering on the elusivity of truth.

Relying too heavily on common knowledge of the events depicted, at times making it unnecessarily hard to follow for at least this viewer. Nevertheless brilliant, and in my book.

»I don’t feel bad for Modigliani. I feel good for me«

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2 Responses to 1154

  1. Bellis says:

    A truly brillian Orson Welles film. His idea was to make a feature film, so to speak, with the literary essay as his model, instead of the novel.

    He succeeded absolutely brilliantly.

  2. Knowing absolutely nothing about the movie, this was very unexpected and surprising for me – in a positive way!

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