Linkfest ftw!

Been perusing the good old net again, and this is what surfaced.

Letterboxd is new to me:

Facebook isn’t, but this page was:

What can be obtained from Criterion:

Sundance has their own 1001 channel:

»There’s an App for that«, as Apple used to say:

Tubed epic challenges et cetera:

I never tire of movie posters:

Regular blogs:

A different take:

And finally, for spreadsheet aficionados!

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2 Responses to Linkfest ftw!

  1. onestitchatatime says:

    Great list! I have a complete 1001 Films photo board (with quotes) on Pinterest at:

    and a 1001 Films poster board (through 1946 only so far) at:

  2. Amazing – you’re very ambitious indeed!

    By the way, that’s quite an oddlooking bunch of characters on the poster for »The Stranger«, they must have eaten something rather unhealthy 😉

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