Local hero (1983)

»Apart from it being Trudi, it was nice«

Patient, nuanced, and oddly melancholy comedy about change, choices – and a rabbit. Leisurely takes its time without loud laughs, focusing instead on low-key, tongue-in-cheek jocularity.

A warm, gentle look at an endearing down-to-earth world devoid of bad guys. In my most unhurried and understated book of everyday magic.

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2 Responses to 1163

  1. onestitchatatime says:

    This movie has a really special place in my heart for the reasons you give. I did laugh really loudly though during the scenes between the psychiatrist and Happer.

  2. The movie is really wonderful in its sublime way, and I think the parts with the psychiatrist – plus some other quirky details – lends the little extra edge needed to stop things from getting mushy.

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