backtrack; Rain man (1988)


Mental illness and inner growth dealt with in a Hollywooodish down-to-earth manner, featuring what must simultaneously be one of the most famous – and most odd – road trip duos ever.

Sanitized, didactic, mushy – and ultimately gripping. In my book of brotherhood.

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4 Responses to backtrack; Rain man (1988)

  1. How much more do you have from the list to watch?

  2. Only the new baker’s dozen from the 2014 edition. The backtracking are movies I’ve already seen, but not written about. I would guess there remains a couple of hundred of those. No rest for the wicked!

  3. Good for you! I’ve still got about 500 more to go from the 1,150 or so of the total.

  4. I’ve noticed I take it easier nowadays. With new editions churned out every year, this will probably be a lifelong project never truly finished anyway. No reason to stress about it!

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