here be dragons


This weekend I will visit Gothenburg, attending the final days of the 38th installment of the town’s annual film festival – the largest of its kind in the Nordic countries:

Probably no 1001 movies, but I’m hoping to see lots of other good stuff!

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One Response to here be dragons

  1. What I saw (on the train and at the festival):

    U-571 (2000); decent boyish entertainment, not bothering much with historical accuracy
    Jakten (1959); once voted best norwegian film of all time
    Blind (2014); clever, funny, awkward, sad
    The Inseminator (2014); simple, touching, increasingly unpleasant
    Bridgend (2015); strong, visceral, frightening
    Rocks in my pockets (2014); endearing and intelligent
    Hustruer (1975); mild, warm, popular feminism/leftism – with a little bite!
    Amour fou (2014); aestheticism, romanticism, and dry humour
    Miss Julie (2014); a high quality classic, made the classic way – beautiful but conventional

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