backtrack; Солярис [Solaris] (1972)

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A disintegrating space mission with introspective, grief-stricken citizens. Incomprehensible minds – both alien and human. Big ideas on a small budget, muddling fantasy and reality in a confusing and eerie way.

Stanislaw Lem wasn’t happy with any of the three adaptions of his book, but I find Tarkovsky’s experimental tryout indispensible as character study, personal vision, and time document. A unique example of hard, intellectual soviet science fiction that stays in my book of conscience and failing communication – even if it is painfully slow.

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2 Responses to backtrack; Солярис [Solaris] (1972)

  1. Klaus says:

    There are some incredible images in this film. Very contemplative, and one of my favorite science fiction films.

  2. I agree, impressive imagery and a very interesting movie. Not quite sure if it really counts as one of my sf favourites, though. Depends on the length of the list, I suppose…

    For comparison, I would like to watch both the remake with Clooney and the old Soviet tv adaption that can be found here:

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