The lord of the rings (2001, 2002, 2003)


The fellowship of the ring (2001)
There’s no denying the visual power, but beautiful landscapes in New Zealand and impressive computer imagery alone cannot fully hide the lack of soul.


The two towers (2002)
Weakest of the three. Ents and fascinatingly double-natured Gollum aside, this is mainly one eternal battle in the rain – with lots of grayish blue!


The return of the king (2003)
A melancholy multiple ending to this mammoth mega-epic that is either too long, or maybe far too short. Victory is finally won, of course, and order is restored. However, new times will emerge to replace the old which shall eventually be forgotten.

This trilogy isn’t really my kind of Tolkien, even if some of the characters – especially Frodo – are quite well-handled. Finally in my book of scope and ambition.

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