Charles mort ou vif (1969)

In Switzerland
It’s the maimed body.
Switzerland is a desert, where each day words like water run to waste.
A secret well keeps them, their tomb of oblivion.
He who utters them is defeated.
He is buried, surely and swiftly.
Then silence falls on this prosperous country.

When is it too late to undo yourself and become a new person? Or at least reconnect to your old, »true« self? Disappointment and doubts over the dreariness of tangled existence – life, family, business – awakens awareness, rekindling an anti-social streak and an urge to get away from it all. Chance meetings become loopholes out of disillusionment, forced expectations, and social pressure.

Interesting, delightful, and original take on the philosophy and politics of liberation. Talky and a little pale, which feels perfectly adequate. In my book of Switzerland.

– Do you know what you want from life?
– I make a living, do what I like. I’m free.
– So you don’t know what you want. Maybe you don’t want anything.

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