1001 Oscars



Eight of the »worst« – Ordinary people, Titanic, The king’s speech, Chicago, Argo, Dances with wolves, Crash, How green was my valley – are (or have been) in the 1001 book. But also nine of the »should-have-wons« – The ten commandments, Raging bull, L.A. confidential, The social network, The pianist, Goodfellas, Brokeback mountain, Citizen Kane, Saving private Ryan.

Opinions, anyone?

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2 Responses to 1001 Oscars

  1. SJHoneywell says:

    Ordinary People is unfairly maligned. It’s a better movie than most people remember. Raging Bull won for Best Actor, which is what it should have done. Scorsese should have won for director. But Ordinary People still resonates today–change the wardrobe and it’s just as powerful now as it was in 1980.

    I disagree with some others, but that’s the one where I think this author is flat out wrong.

  2. I like them both, actually don’t know which one I would have chosen. Ordinary people feels more subdued and nuanced while Raging bull is more overwhelmingly, brutally powerful. Both treatments fit the subject matter.

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