Valkoinen peura (1952)

White wintery vistas, everyday sami life, arcane magic – a Nordic case of exoticizing The Noble Savage. Enter: competent, radiant, headstrong woman of mysterious origin, ultimately showing herself to be troublesome housewife material. Experiencing a dangerous mix of abandon and growing urges, the character becomes a warning of the dangers of female sexual awakening, metamorphosing into something feral and hunted with otherworldly qualities in both looks and acting.

Very brief for a feature film, and still filled with sequences far too long. Repeatedly failing in its intentions to be evocative and tragic. Effective build-up towards the inevitably gruesome and punishing end, though – an end which is dealt with in a surprisingly brisk manner.

Flawed logic, ambiguous morals. Oddly fascinating but not in my book of shapeshifting and sacrifical lambs.

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