1001 countries


Quoting Wikipedia:
»The book has been published in several languages such as English, Dutch, Swedish, Greek, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Portuguese (Brazilian and Portuguese editions), Hungarian, French, Spanish, Slovene, Croatian, Turkey, Estonian, and Polish. The localized editions include a few of the country’s own films.«

Which means I still have – at least – a portuguese, spanish, slovenian, croatioan, turkish, estonian, and polish version to track down…

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5 Responses to 1001 countries

  1. TSorensen says:

    You are serious about it!

  2. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly 😉

    I’m in no particular hurry, though. This will probably slow-burn for the rest of my life.

  3. SJHoneywell says:

    You are either a braver man than I, or you have a more advanced case of OCD. Good luck!

  4. Facts and fabulations:

    I’m almost done with all anglo-american and swedish editions, only five movies to see.

    Then there are 95 ones from Brazil, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, and Norway.

    Don’t know how many local movies the additional seven editions contain. Probably around a dozen each, bringing another 84 or so to my unseen collection.

    My guess is that there are even more editions. Let’s say at least five, also with a dozen local movies each. That means an additional 60, give or take a few.

    If my guessing is reasonably correct, the total sum would be circa 250 movies remaining.

    So far this year, I’ve only managed to watch seven. With that tempo, I still have several years ahead of me…

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