Oscar value?


How many of the Academy Award winners will make it into the next edition?

• Spotlight
• The revenant
• Room
• Bridge of spies
• The danish girl
• The big short
• Inside out
• Saul fia
• Amy
• A girl in the river: The price of forgiveness
• Stutterer
• Historia de un oso
• The hateful eight
• Spectre
• Mad Max: Fury road
• Ex machina

And how about these, that had to settle for multiple nominations?

• The martian
• Carol
• Star Wars: The Force awakens
• Brooklyn
• Sicario
• Steve Jobs


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4 Responses to Oscar value?

  1. SJHoneywell says:

    Well…the common wisdom is that Best Picture, Director, and Foreign Feature are all but guaranteed. Beyond that? We can hope for Mad Max, but I’m not holding my breath (but it deserves it).

  2. So they all seem to say. I still haven’t seen it, but I am very curious!

  3. mulholland says:

    I would venture that we will see Spotlight, Carol, Inside Out and Mad Max in the next edition.

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