Sellaisena kuin sinä minut halusit/Sådan du ville ha mig (1944)

»I am only me«

A disjointed effort with overly pompous intro, first scene verging on silent slapstick, expressionist and noirish aesthetics, surprisingly overt sexual innuendo, perky music, and unbridled sentimentality. Chronicling the unjust fall of a woman – her Marlene Dietrich/Bette Davis face shivering with emotion – and the men she encounters. Juxtaposing innocent, righteous, honest rural insular life and the tempting but dangerously sinful city with its often scornful and contemptuous inhabitants.

Young and innocent love is destroyed by a hateful patriarch with a cowardly, guilt-ridden sailor son. The proud girl left lonely is crushed by unbelievably cruel fate, immersing herself in self-loathing after repeated betrayals. A destructive downward spiral of poverty, empty debauchery, and unsound dependence ensues.

Ridiculously didactic, but with a naive sincerity hard to be cynical about. Maybe in my book of simultaneously produced finnish and swedish versions.

»Pride is a toy for the rich«

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