Vredens dag (1943)

There is power in evil!

Witchcraft, forbidden feelings, cruelty, problematic family relations – a gruesome moralizing sermon with strange somnambulist qualities, starkly beautiful visuals, and highly distilled storytelling. The tormented characters act out an implausible parable of gender and guilt.

Doomed women, punishing men, the comfort of death. Thematically fascinating, but too slow and staged. Not in my book.

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4 Responses to 1228

  1. Dreyer never made fast paced movies. You have to really gear down to enjoy this one, but doing that I think it is okay. It reminded me why I do not like religiously zealous people.

  2. I’ve seen and liked his »Jeanne d’Arc«, »Ordet«, and – to a certain extent – »Vampyr«. He is definitely a fascinating creator, though I’d say his aesthetics is better suited to silent movies. Or maybe I just don’t always have the patience! 😉

  3. I have to disagree with you on this one. i found the message of persuasion and fanaticism very powerful. However, it is not in any of the 1001 editions i have. Is it in one of the European editions?

  4. This one is supposed to be in the danish edition. And the message is indeed powerful, my only objection is the tempo.

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