Bye bye Brasil (1979)

»Nothing lasts forever«

A nice intro with time-typical graphics and longing song sets the mood for this sad, slow, deliberate tale of innocence and cynicism, tenderness and brutality, naive yearnings and harsh realities. The charming, different road movie – very seventies! – tells of a minuscule and sordid »circus« travelling the backwards countryside, stirring things up. Brazil dreams of being like other civilized countries, but isn’t quite there yet. The main characters becomes victims of progress in the form of tv entertainment. They embark on a downward-spiralling tour of partner-swapping and illusion-crushing that finally leaves them down and out in jungle hellhole/paradise Altamira. No escape, no pride.

»We’re like wheels – we got to move«

What is failure and what is success? Surprisingly nonjudgmental on love, lust, and prostitution. In my book of vacant stares.

»Enough poverty!«

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