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Some information on our helmsman of yearly revisions

Ian Haydn Smith has a Master of Arts in Film from Westminster University (1997–1999), and a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in politics from Birmingham University (1989–1992).

Ian is a film journalist, critic, writer, and Editor of Curzon Magazine. He is also a Contributing Editor at the Quintessence Publications where he is leading on the editions of ‘Movie Star Chronicles’ and ‘Movie Director Chronicles’, as well as assuming the role of Editor on the annually revised publication ‘1001 Films to See Before You Die’.

Since 2007 for five years Ian worked as the Editor at International Film Guide, developing relationships with festivals throughout Europe, Asia and the US. He regularly acted as jury member, as the IFG Editor, at festivals in the Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Poland, Portugal and South Africa.

As a broadcaster and interviewer, Ian is a frequent guest on BBC radio, both regional and World Service’s The Strand programme, as well as the Film Programme. He often appears at Cinepolitics, a weekly television magazine programme focusing on politically themed features and documentaries.

As a writer Ian contributes to numerous publications, including Time Out, Vertigo, Metro, Kamera and Scope, as well as the books 50 Key Contemporary Directors, This is Cinema, The Guide to North American Directors and The Guide to British and Irish Directors.

For many years Ian is the regular host for BAFTA events, as well as the host and chair of panel discussions at the last four editions of the London Film Festival.

During the last couple of years Ian has been consulting British Council in many countries, including Russia, on forthcoming film programmes and events.

Ian has co-written ‘New Chinese Cinema: Challenging Representations’ with Sheila Cornelius. He is the Co-Editor of New British Cinema, a book of interviews with contemporary British directors, and he is writing a biography of the American filmmaker Sidney Lumet. Ian is also Series Editor of 24 Frames, a collection of books that focus on world cinema. He is currently writing his first novel.

Some of Ian’s favourite films are Luis Bunuel’s The Exterminating Angel, Preston Sturges’ The Lady Eve, and whatever Hitchcock film happens to take his mood.




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A Poet of Cinema: Jerry Schatzberg



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