backtrack; The Prestige (2006)


Reality versus appearance! Two obsessedly competitive stage magicians push their performances farther and farther, while at the same time trying their best to sabotage each other’s careers. Things go terribly wrong, of course.

Bursting at its seams with intriguing ideas, twisting and turning rapidly all the way. Most probably in my book of pro and con men.

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2 Responses to backtrack; The Prestige (2006)

  1. SJHoneywell says:

    I’m in the minority on this one. I think there are significant problems with the story and I can’t understand why people like this. It’s terribly flawed.

    I think The Illusionist from the same year is better in all respects.

  2. Don’t know about the minority thing, after all this one was deleted directly and didn’t make it to the next edition. And yes, it is definitely flawed, but also entertaining. Haven’t seen The Illusionist yet.

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