Οι δρόμοι της αγάπης είναι νυχτερινοί [Love wanders in the night] (1981)

»Why did you come back?«
»Why did you stay?«

Family, property, change, memory, dream. Mankind is a mystery in this dense, black, stifling melodrama where drowsy characters endure hot humid nights and an almost tangible atmosphere of quiet desperation. Tension is omnipresent among the disillusion, ennui, unfulfilment, and bitterness – always with tenderness beneath, plus some kind of barely hinted political undercurrent. The complex, convoluted, and concentrated storyline is dominated by confined women suffering and bickering about age, generations, and returning.

Slow, ambiguous, sometimes hard to follow. Maybe in my book of sweet dependence and unattainable freedom.

»Don’t be afraid! We’re leaving!«

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