goodbye 2015 – hello 2016


Just finished »Citizenfour«, meaning I have now watched all additions from last year’s edition of the book! But since the 2016 version just arrived and I had seen only one of the ten new movies in it, there are suddenly another nine to enjoy! Plus almost sixty older ones still remaining to check out – from the various localized editions, that is.

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4 Responses to goodbye 2015 – hello 2016

  1. SJHoneywell says:

    I’ve seen 9 of the new 10. So far, most are at least good and watchable and the ones that aren’t are interesting for other reasons.

  2. I’m actually a bit disappointed that they added so few. Looking forward to all of them, even if I’m somewhat surprised they included Bridge of Spies – was under the impression that one wasn’t supposed to be interesting enough.

  3. Klaus says:

    I hadn’t realized there were local editions of the book with other films. As for the 2015 additions to the main edition, I wasn’t overly impressed either, and would not have included Bridge of Spies or Spotlight.

  4. Some countries add local movies. Mostly only a few, except for Greece who put in around forty!

    All movies in all editions are shown here, the localized ones are from 1192 and onwards:

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