Οι απέναντι [A foolish love] (1981)

A tense, stylish big city techno-thriller intro is followed by computer game imagery and electronic music. This is pure eighties moviemaking complete with neo-noir vibes, slick nudity, drugs, crime, cynicism, and lots of sharply coloured light! The story contrasts the stuffy, often ridiculous old with the dangerous, kick-seeking new as it follows the unfocused, aimless life of »Ghost«, a strange and arrogant young loner stuck in his own dark, hidden, tranquil world. He is struck by unexpected romance which changes him from indecipherable and unempathic peeping-tom into something slightly more hopeful and mature – but the story sure takes its time getting there!

I didn’t visit Athens in 1981, but these sweaty summer nights feels very authentic somehow. In my book of underwear, space, and the continuous background static of existence.

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