Saul fia (2015)

Depicting the »Sonderkommando« jews forced to help facilitate Holocaust hell, focusing on the hungarian Saul Ausländer. With teeth-clenched and numb determination amidst deadly chaos, he takes on an impossible and seemingly meaningless mission – a significant ritual where he tries to retain some semblance of humanity.

Told with relentless drive and cameras claustrophobically close to the characters, the movie is filled with threatening sounds, muffled whispers, and terrifying imagery – often brutally cropped and with thankfully short depth of field, blurring at least some of the revolting atrocities shown. In my book of doom.

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2 Responses to 1279

  1. SJHoneywell says:

    I’m finding it harder and harder these days to involve myself in Holocaust films. I think after seeing both Shoah and Night and Fog, I’m not sure what more needs to be seen. That sounds harsh, but there’s only so much real horror I can sit through.

  2. I may be emotionally crippled, but real-life horrors on film – Holocaust-related or not – actually don’t eat me up that much. I can watch them, reflect, and move on. Not sure if that’s bad or good, but it’s the truth.

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