1001 feminist movies – eventually


There are almost 300 to begin with – some from official editions, others not – and hopefully, this list will continue to grow!


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5 Responses to 1001 feminist movies – eventually

  1. onestitchatatime says:

    I must say I am befuddled by some of the films on this list. Does a movie become “feminist” because the reviewer likes it?

    • tpdandsoon says:

      Thanks for your thoughtful feedback. I realized that I actually combined 2 lists, one of my favorite films and the other of important films for women and feminism. I am separating them out and reposting a shorter list for women and feminism. I hope you will take a look,and tell me what you think.

  2. I’m not sure about the »rules«, maybe they will be thoroughly explained in the future.

  3. tpdandsoon says:

    Thanks for this commentary. I am posting a reconfigured list later today.

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