Nattevagten (1994)

Uneven, unlikely, sometimes unsettling. Good but not great thriller with far too many obvious clues and cheesy plot twists.

Slick, stylish, effective – competent craftsmanship, though hardly in my book of law.

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2 Responses to 1304

  1. Nattevagten was a monster hit in Denmark in its day. The soundtrack was a huge comeback for Sort Sol (they were awesome live!) and it kickstarted Ole Bornedal as a director. His American remake is better forgotten…

  2. So I’ve heard. The behind-the-scenes-documentary included on the dvd was interesting, a lot of people (Bornedal included) seemed to be under pressure, rather nervous and insecure about what they were doing. Nice that the film went on to become such a success.

    PS. I never listened much to Sort Sol, but I have a few friends that are fans.

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