For the first time in years I’ve made some slight changes to the look of this blog. Kept the old theme (Twenty Ten) and only tweaked some details:

New header
Goodbye Klaus Kinski as Aguirre and hello Méliès’ Man in the moon plus Charlize Theron’s Imperator Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Road. Not sure that the »Beyond« symbolism communicates as intended, however. Should I have put Buzz Lightyear in there somewhere? Maybe next time…

Different font
Neutral (or bland, as I’m sure some would say) Source Sans replaces classic but somewhat tired-looking Helvetica. Involuntarily, this also changed greek and cyrillic alphabets from serif to sans.

New tab
Added a »Wanted!« tab in the main menu so I won’t have to repeat myself with blogposts about the movies still missing. Currently there are 17, please check them out and help me find them!


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2 Responses to facelifting

  1. Tackar! Det kändes dock lite sorgligt att överge den käre gamle Kinski. Vi får väl se hur bloggandet blir i sällskap av Mélièsmånen och Theron…

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