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With only 18 »impossible-to-find« movies from local editions remaining, the level of activity on this blog will soon dwindle if nothing is done. But stay calm, to avoid that horrible threat I’ve decided to also review films that can not be found in any of the book editions. Guess I will also have to invent a new tag for those entries.

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8 Responses to beyond beyond

  1. I use “off script” for horror movie not on my horror lists. You’re certainly welcome to use that as a tag.

  2. A good tag, thank you very kindly! Since I continually – and very intentionally – obsess about »The Book« all the time, it should preferably be something with a certain amount of symbolism. I will have to ponder this important new step for a while 😉

  3. Another tag I use on the secondary site I have that lists all my reviews ( is “Not Yet on The List.” There’s always the chance that some of these might make a future edition, even if most of them (or all of them) never will.

  4. Well, some of the newer ones (Hail Caesar?) might show up in the 2017 edition, plus maybe a few others (Totoro?) if they do another total overhaul.

    And by the way, I do use some similar tagging for my »grades« – »Yes, this would be in my book«, »Maybe in my book«, »Not in my book« and so forth.

  5. That may be the way to go. It’s a tie back to all of the reviews you’ve already done and maintains a level of consistency with all of your earlier reviews.

    There’s no wrong answer, though. It’s your blog and you can do with it as you see fit, and if anyone doesn’t like it, he or she can start his or her own blog!

    I have my doubts about Hail Caesar making it in. The Listmakers love the Coens, but that’s very much lower tier work from them. Based on what I’ve seen from 2016, I’m hopeful for Arrival and Hell or High Water, and I think Elle has a real chance.

  6. Haven’t seen any of those yet…

  7. Lars Grahn says:

    Tagga på. Läser dina “minirescensioner” med intresse. Även om en del av dina senaste filmer är lite svårfångade…

  8. Ja, mycket är obskyrt värre nu när jag inne på sista tjoget. Du får gärna låna dem vid tillfälle, det mesta är ju på dvd.

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