»Last of the great danes«?


Or »The final danish«?

»De (u)hyggelige«, maybe? »Close, but no cigar«? Regardless of blog post headline, I have now seen all additional titles in Denmark’s local edition of the book. Det var dejligt – farvel!

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2 Responses to »Last of the great danes«?

  1. Godt klaret!
    How many editions do you have left now?

  2. Four or five, depending on how you count. I have the last of the norwegians in a folder on my computer, plus one old greek waiting on a shelf!

    Apart from those two, I am still on the prowl for another 18 movies from four countries: two from Brazil, seven from Finland, eight from Greece, and one from the Netherlands. Unfortunately, they seem nigh impossible to find with decipherable subtitles (only swedish or english when it comes to me). I have found a handful of them on YouTube and other dark corners of the internet, but only without subtitling…

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