Doom (2005)


– Semper fi!

Meet Kid, the rookie. Portman, the dubious womanizer. Reaper, the tormented good guy. Goat, the religious zealot. Duke, the smooth talker. Destroyer, the reliable veteran. And finally Mac, the token asian.

Predominantly all-male adventure with seven space marines led by father-figure »Sarge«, a bit schizophrenically played by Dwayne »The Rock« Johnson – probably the kindest-looking action hero of them all, by the way.

Monsters don’t show up until after nearly 45 minutes, utilizing the suggestive (and money-saving) »Alien« trick of mostly hiding in shadows. During the final quarter of an hour the movie turns almost completely into a game simulation, and it all ends with a rather ill-fitting super soldier martial arts death duel.

Lots of questions, though. Why the »zombies«? Unlimited ammo? And seriously – lots of mice on Mars?

Contains a few surprises, and tries to tackle some moral issues of good and evil. Not near my FPS book, however.

– We kill them all. Let God sort them out.

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