Betty Boop 1930


Dizzy dishes

The deranged debut of world-famous cartoon flapper Betty Boop, who looked even more grotesque in the beginning!

Joyously carefree. Not in my book.

– – –

Barnacle Bill

Bimbo as a rough and tough little man of the seas goes ashore to court a love-smitten »Nancy Lee« that looks just like Betty.

Simplistic story sparkling with ingenious concoctions – as usual! Not in my book.

– – –

Swing you sinners!

So crazy it almost gets scary for real. No Betty at all in this one though, only her sometimes boyfriend Bimbo.

Inspired, but not in my book.

– – –

Mysterious Mose

Primitive, playful, almost experimental bagatelle, crammed with morphing creatures and objects.

Utterly bizarre! Not in my book of mystery.

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