Betty Boop 1931


Teacher’s pest

Things get cuter and more childish than usual when dealing with Bimbo’s school days. Cameo by Betty.

Not in my book.

– – –

The bum bandit

Gosh wow, there is actually a real and rather neat little story among all the hilariousness here – that’s quite a surprise!

Maybe in my book.

– – –

Silly scandals

No scandals to be found anywhere, only dancing penguins and a malevolent magician.

Somewhat mild. Not in my book.

– – –

The herring murder case

Another Bimbo-starring Talkartoon with an appearance by his love interest Betty Boop – and a very jittery Koko the clown. This time it’s a detective story where not much happens.

Not in my book of inane endings.

– – –

Bimbo’s initiation

An unusually cruel tale of sharp, threatening objects and self-spanking. Betty appears only briefly, but is still important to the story.

Not in my book of multitude.

– – –

Bimbo’s express

– I can’t open the door now, I’m in my nightie.
– All right, I’ll wait til you take it off.

Innocent innuendo and hapless happenings. Not in my book of moving.

– – –

Minding the baby

Betty and Bimbo are portrayed as children in this surreal mix of innocence and naughtiness.

Bimbo’s little brother Aloysius plays a pivotal role. Not in my book.

– – –


Dancing, dueling, and scat singing. And poor Bimbo finally loses it when Betty proposes!

Not in my book.

– – –

Jack and the beanstalk

The cigar-smoking, spaghetti-munching, split-pea-soup-guzzling giant has enslaved Betty but is no match for bean-growing, lasso-wielding, smooth-talking Bimbo »The Bum«.

Not in my book.

– – –

Dizzy Red Riding Hood

Bimbo saves the day in this rhyming ribaldry. And the wolf sings with an accent – is he italian?

Differs a lot from the original, but I see no dizziness!? Not in my book of twisted fairy tales.

– – –

Any little girl that’s a nice little girl

Tommy Cat has a lot of girls to handle, and some of them looks a little like Betty.

More crude and boring than expected. Not in my book.

– – –

My wife’s gone to the country

The so-called »Screen Songs« are normally less interesting than the other Fleischer cartoons, and this is no exception. Nice tune, though – hoo-ray, hoo-ray!

Extremely brief and unimportant appearance by Betty. Not in my book.

– – –

Betty Co-ed

An unfamiliar-looking Betty in a catchy college number.

Not in my school book.

– – –

Little Annie Rooney

Betty plays no part whatsoever, inexplicably appearing only as a statuette in the background of one scene.

Bimbo is here, though – and Annie Rooney could just as well have been Betty. Not in my book.

– – –

Kitty from Kansas City

Sheer rhythm! A mix of live-action and animation, with a crude but charming proto-Boop.

A celebration of movement. Not in my book.

– – –

By the light of the silvery moon

That old moon sure is full – of mischief, that is! Betty only shows up for a few seconds near the end.

Not in my book.

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