Betty Boop 1932: Talkartoons


Any rags

»Here comes the old rag man«. Bimbo collects lots of strange stuff while Betty and Koko is seen in supporting roles.

Fast-moving and freewheeling. Not in my book.

– – –


Typically thirties! Lacking storywise, but a nice string of jokes and all kinds of weird characters moving around fluidly in this circus-themed short.

Stupid and easily digested. Not in my book.

– – –

The robot

Artwork, characters, animation – almost everything here seems like a throwback to a more primitive level. And is it Betty changing her looks all the time, or does Bimbo have another girlfriend?

Confusing and inconsequent. Not in my book.

– – –

Minnie the moocher

After being pestered by her parents (not for the first time it seems), »the queen of the animated screen« elopes with Bimbo and ends up in a cave full of frights. Quite illogic and not overly funny, but still one of the most famous of the series – partly because of the Cab Calloway footage and music.

Not in my book.

– – –

Swim or sink

Shipwrecked, captured by pirates, chained – nothing can change the jolly mood of Betty, Bimbo, and Koko!

Not in my book.

– – –

Crazy Town

Betty and Bimbo explain it best themselves in the theme song: Foolish facts, foolish facts, foolish things and silly acts. But we have nothing else to do, so let’s go crazy!

Everything is completely bonkers in this town. Not in my book of mental issues.

– – –

The dancing fool

»Dancing to save your soul«. Cleverly conceived, a dance school seems to be the most natural habitat for Betty, Bimbo and Koko.

Moving and grooving. Not in my book of musical mirth and mishaps.

– – –


Not much doubt about the outcome of this unconventional chess-battle.

Not in my book.

– – –

A hunting we will go

Bimbo and Koko tries – eventually with great success – to collect the furs of some really odd-looking animals. Betty disapproves!

Not in my animal rights book.

– – –

Hide and seek

Is this really Betty? If so, the spoiler is she’s getting married to Bimbo after a kidnapping and a descent into hell!

Not in my book.

– – –

Admission free

From penny arcade to small game hunting to fireworks and explosions – no logic or story arc whatsoever is needed in a Fleischer cartoon!

Not in my book.

– – –

The Betty Boop Limited

A rather relaxed train journey with some laidback musical and comical acts.

Not in my book.

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