Betty Boop 1933


Betty Boop’s ker-choo

This little miss would never miss a chance for vocal tuning,
and anytime and anywhere you can hear this lady crooning.

A day at the car races. Not in my book of sneezing.

– – –

Betty Boop’s crazy inventions

Gawk at the cigarette snuffer, the soup silencer, the sweet corn regulator, and other nifty machinery worthy of British stop motion heroes Wallace & Gromit (or Swedish equivalent Skrot-Nisse, for that matter).

Rhapsodic and rather tedious. Not in my book.

– – –

Is my palm read

Occultism, all around zaniness, the usual mild innuendo – plus even a nude baby Betty! That’s one boopy ride for you!

Not in my book despite some genuinely funny animation.

– – –

Betty Boop’s penthouse

Bimbo and Koko as mad scientists. One experiment goes terribly wrong (of course) and the result threatens Betty!

Not in my book.

– – –

Snow White

The evil stepmother/witch/dragon is discarded without problems in this »music video« for the classic song about St James Infirmary.

Too uneven story. Not in my book.

– – –

Betty Boop’s birthday

– Oh dear, I hope it’s a man!

Thus exclaims our lonesome heroine – but instead it’s everyone and everybody! The festivities quickly spirals out of control, however, and Betty escapes!

Not in my book.

– – –

Betty Boop’s May party

These critters sure know how to celebrate, taking a river boat to the amusement park where things get more rubbery than ever after a tusk-related mishap!

Not in my book of frolicking fun!

– – –

Betty Boop’s big boss

Betty, you cunning little boop-a-dooper
Betty, you won my heart
Betty, you knocked me for a loop de looper
Betty, each time you start
Betty, it’s time that we went steady, let’s get ready for the wedding
Betty, perhaps you’ll boop-a-doop a lullaby to a Betty by and by

A totally deranged battle for our damsel in distress – but does she really need or want her would-be saviours? Not in my book.

– – –

Mother Goose Land

Too many famous nursery rhyme characters in one short movie makes things unnecessarily rushed.

Not in my book.

– – –

Popeye the sailor

In Popeye’s animated cartoon debut we see him dancing the hula with Betty while Bluto and Olive watches – an unlikely scene if there ever was one!

Setting a pattern for the sailor’s upcoming adventures. Not in my book.

– – –

I heard

When the miners visit Betty’s tavern, things get more musical than ever. Extremely repetitive and simplistic, with a ghostly ending that actually surprises!

Maybe in my book.

– – –

Morning, noon and night

A languid, tranquil, peaceful musical awakening, lyrical and lyricless – until the Tom Kats Social Club show up among the defenseless (?) birds, that is!

Unusual. Not in my book.

– – –

Halloween party

Betty and a scarecrow prepare for festivities. A remarkably obnoxious gorilla tries to sabotage the whole shebang, but is easily taken care of.

Another entertaining bagatelle. Not in my spooky book.

– – –

Parade of the wooden soldiers

Detailed, tongue-in-cheek, thoroughly enjoyable – parts of this one unfolds like an irreverent answer to »Santa’s workshop« from Disney.

And Betty is such a doll! Probably in my book.

– – –

Popular melodies

The last Screen Song featuring Betty. Not in my book.

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