Betty Boop 1934


She wronged him right

Introducing new boyfriend Fearless Fred, far more handsome and jockish than old Bimbo ever was.

Doesn’t depend on music as much as most other installments in the series. Amusingly original take on the play within a play concept. Maybe in my book.

– – –

Red hot mamma

Betty, hotter than ever, visits the netherworld! Filled with inventive sight gags – flames getting spanked, an icecream of fire, extremely cold gazes – and some catchy music.

Predictably lame end, though. Not in my devilish book of Hell freezing over.

– – –

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Weird – and probably groundbreaking – blend of live action and animation. Also the last time we meet Koko the clown.

Clever, well-made, laughable. Not in my book.

– – –

Betty in Blunderland

Lightheartedly spoofing Alice in Wonderland without caring too much about the original. Consists mainly of singing, dancing, and chasing dragons.

Not in my book.

– – –

Betty Boop’s rise to fame

Performance scenes from three older shorts strung together with a rather contrived »story« niftily mixing in some live action amidst the animation.

A fitting meta-farewell of sorts to the more liberal pre-code days. Not in my book of almost nude butt-shaking and leg-wiggling.

– – –

Betty Boop’s trial

The last cartoon before the infamous Hays Code kicked in for good, and a rather »charged« one it is. Sexist and racist, plus a wackily awkward script.

Not in my book.

– – –

Betty Boop’s life guard

Fearless Fred is saving the day again, despite some setbacks and false starts.

Betty shows a lot of skin despite the code, maybe it was deemed ok because of the beach and bath settings. Not in my book.

– – –

Poor Cinderella

No surprises, just the same old Cinderella story that’s been used so many times over the years. The visual treatment is what shines here – highly detailed artwork, eye-pleasing red-green-grey color palette, effects including multiple background planes and short depth of field.

Unfortunately this is also slow, tame, and unfunny. Not in my book of fairytales.

– – –

There’s something about a soldier

Betty in uniform, but still in miniskirt and showing her undies – code or no code! Less than spectacular script with entertaining details.

Not in my book of mosquito warfare.

– – –

Betty Boop’s little pal

Pudgy the puppy misbehaves badly in his first appearance, and gets more punishment than deserved in this simple though endearing little tear-jerker.

The last time Betty wears her revealing dress. Not in my book.

– – –

Betty Boop’s prize show

»Virtue triumphs« on stage as Betty dons less skimpy clothing and continues her relation with Fearless Fred.

Overly simplistic, tongue firmly in cheek. Not in my book.

– – –

Keep in style

»Betty Boop’s Exposition« indeed. Singing on stage again, first in bellboy suit with super tight shorts and then in variable (!) – only sometimes more wholesome – attire. One of her unusual creations becomes a surprising craze!

Lots of innovation, limited amounts of animation, still some sexual innuendo. Not in my book.

– – –

When my ship comes in

An endearing fantasy of The Great Depression with Betty winning a million dollars and putting them to good use in her own kind of »New Deal« for men and animals alike.

Not in my book of wishful thinking.

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