Der Golem, wie er in die Welt kam (1920)

Foppish noblemen, exotic jews, innocent flower children. Ruthless politics, forbidden love, arcane magic. As expected, the silent movie body language is extremely exaggerated but the young lovers’ almost feverishly heavy breathing and lingering glances are still a joy to behold. The sets and special effects are oddly convincing, the cinematography advanced, and the storytelling reasonably rapid – for its day, of course. The monster itself, however, looks more ridiculous than scary (especially the hairdo!) and his domestic scenes are downright silly. Dragging our damsel in distress by her braids through the streets shows his brutality clearly enough, though.

The perhaps creepiest part to a contemporary viewer is the antisemitic scroll delivered from the ruler. All in all interesting and well worth seeing, though not in my proto-Frankensteinian book.

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