Loving Vincent (2017)

– Life can even bring down the strong.

Van Gogh’s trademark brush swirls (here emulated by more than 100 artists) gives a meditative quality to some sequences, but the constant wobbling – however well executed – gets too intrusive and distracting in a way that never happens in a painting. 

– He struggled to be what they wanted him to be.

Picked from different canvases, the mannerisms even get irritating at times. 

– How lonely is this guy?

The degree of realism varies from semi-photographic to more synthesized/abstract, and from elegant to downright clumsy. 

– The days seem like weeks.

Characters don’t always fit the backgrounds, perspectives seem awkward, and so on. The storytelling suffers from all this unevenness.

– Did you know he was a genius?

The script is unspectacular but reasonably captivating – a talky journey into a mystery.

– You want to know so much about his death. But what do you know about his life?

An impressive feat, but unfortunately not a coherent movie

– In the eyes of most people … a nobody.

Not in my book of unknown reasons.

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