1001 youtubers

Some just began, some have been at it for awhile. Everyone of them are trying to see all the movies in the book.

The Cinema Rolls


Username Hype

ShortTooth Channel

Matticus Tattoi


Cinematic Venom

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1001 book reviews

Several people have filmed themselves reviewing the book. Here are three new ones I’ve found recently:


Jared The Collector


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Als twee druppels water (1963)

»I’ll do anything!«

Identity, heroism, mistakes. Meek and ordinary Hennie in the cigarshop is unexpectedly and abruptly thrown into an odd maze of mystery, suspense – and passion.

»I can start a new life now.«

Sacrifice, suspicion, treachery. A fast-paced, ever-shifting tale of duplicity, mix-ups, and delusion.

»No one knows for sure he’s innocent.«

Splendid cinematography, unconventional body language, evocative and original soundscapes. In my bitterly ironic book of events unbelievable yet convincing.

»I admit it. I’m nothing without Dorbeck.«

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1001 pageflips


Very peculiar. A boy named Joey Taylor has taken stills of pages in his copy of the book, spliced all the photos together, and made four videos of it. Except for a short intro there are no reviews, no opinions, actually no speaker voice whatsoever. This project must still have taken quite some time, and one can’t help but wonder why. A school assignment, maybe?

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another addict


Amy Kay is just beginning her cinematic journey through 1001-land – this has potential!

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reddit, steddit, go


Reddit user and subred creator diceman89 describes this as »a sub for discussion of all things related«. That means the 1001 books themselves, films related to movies in the books, personal progress, the 101 [genre] movies books, help with tracking down specific titles, and so on. Surprisingly active!



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Extinguished (2017)


Hearts on fire – literally! And despite some setbacks, true love conquers in the end, of course.

Nice and heart-warming (!) entertainment, but without that extra something. Not in my book of hot air.

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