Fall (2016)


An anonymous character and a fatal but unexplained event is depicted with powerful, intentionally crude animation and a very suggestive soundtrack.

A worthy experiment by a fledgling animator, though not in my book of descent.

Watch it here:

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Piper (2016)


From ever-impressive Pixar comes an Academy Award-winning short that really pushes the envelope when it comes to state-of-the-art animation. Amazingly fluid water and body movement, fantastic render quality of for instance feathers and eyes, plus an assortment of cute and charming characters. And, also important, an empowering story about a little guy becoming the hero of the day while overcoming fear and obstacles.

Quite irresistible. Probably in my book of birdie nam nam.

Can be watched her, albeit in rather low resolution:

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The butler (2013)


The journey of one man, his country, and its presidents. Fascinating life-story and well-meaning political statement – but unfortunately, this one is also horribly rhapsodic and rather bland.

A promising concept that doesn’t fully deliver. Not in my book of white houses.

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1001 shortcomings


I have to say I agree a lot with most of the opinions voiced here:


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This is England (2006)


I’ve been longing to see this ever since it was released. Too improbable/sanitized/simplified to weigh in as a major work of kitchen sink realism, maybe, but not without its complexities and still a very engaging little coming of age story.

Cute, energetic, and sad. Probably in my book of class and race.

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Alike (2015)


Nice animated short on Freedom And Creativity versus The Daily Grind. Very well made, though a bit muddled when it comes to the story.

A well spent seven minutes watch, but not in my book of parents and children.

Available here:

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watching the awardwatchers


Just found another place of speculation regarding possible additions in the next edition.

Comment #1
La La Land
Toni Erdmann
Hopefully Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Comment #2
La La Land, Moonlight, Manchester by the Sea, Hell or High Water, Toni Erdmann and maybe Elle even. Or The Handmaiden. Or The Witch.


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