backtrack; Lantana (2001)

lantana1 lantana2 lantana3

Subdued and emotional police drama that is more about the characters’ complicated relations than about the – eventual – crime.

Unusual story, strong acting. In my most tangled book of trust.

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backtrack; Moulin Rouge! (2001)


More feature length music video than regular movie, this is an assault on the visual and aural senses – though not necessarily on the brain.

Cheesy, corny, camp, charming. Maybe in my book.

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backtrack; La pianiste (2001)


Writer Elfriede Jelinek and director Michael Haneke share a penchant for unease and a detached mannerism thinly veiling emotional turmoil. Here we are treated to an unpleasantly fascinating play of control and humiliaton.

With cold curiosity, the movie clinically and cruelly dissects upper class structures of culture, society and gender. In my most psychosexual book.

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backtrack; قندهار [Kandahar] (2001)

k1 k2

We follow a woman, literally undercover, on an urgent mission. And are shown bitter, surreal, depressing glimpses of unfathomable conditions in a nightmarish parody of a society whose subjects live miserable and almost hopeless lives. This unusual hybrid of feature and documentary, taking place during the absurdly cruel Taliban rule of Afghanistan, is the most notable film by Iranian New Wave director Mohsen Makhmalbaf. In my book of human – mostly female – endurance.

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backtrack; Memento (2000)


Infernally clever, deviously tongue-in-cheek murder story where one lonely man with insufficient capabilities stubbornly continues his self-proclaimed quest. Told in confusing reverse order, this can be seen as a twisted parable of elusive truth and the human condition.

Plays your mind like I don’t know what. In my neo-noir book of riddles and misinterpretation.

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backtrack; Dancer in the dark (2000)


Tragic and uplifting at the same time, this might be Lars von Trier’s most touching moment. A sad saga of sacrifice where good-hearted, wondrously different Björk outshines everyone in her only major feature length starring role so far.

Immensely sentimental and unrealistic. Definitely in my book of unconventional musicals.

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backtrack; Traffic (2000)

t1 t2 t3

Ambitious, powerful, and teeming with characters. Maybe a little sanitized storywise, but after all this is fiction and not a documentary.

Presents its differing though connected viewpoints in an unpreachy manner. In my book of the American drug circuit.

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