Distance (2012)


Adolescent yearning interpreted as nightmarishly competitive quest. Intelligently conceived, impressively executed.

Computer disco sportif in a heightened kitchen sink setting – the social anxiety game is on! Probably in my book of struggle.


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Beyond the sea, Holy sheep, Hurley’s Irish, Matches, The line (2012)


The Annecy festival’s Gobelins school vignettes are Irish-themed this year: dreamily maritime, naively trusting, weirdly irreverent, sportingly quick, and borderline aggressive.

Many and varied impressions, though not enough for my book of multitudes.


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Rhapsodie pour un pot-au-feu (2012)


Another nostalgic-looking animated short built on music, this time with a family dinner theme.

Rhapsodic on the verge of chaotic, just like the story it depicts. Packed with moving detail, stands up well to multiple viewings – but still not in my book of food.

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Le ballet (2012)


Charming retro looks, world-famous classical music, and an immense amount of celebrity cameos (all neatly listed in the credits).

Also rather devoid of story, unfortunately. Not in my book of musical communication.

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Short Cutts


In the fall (2011)
Space Jockey Blues (2012)
Argument #409 (2012)
Man (2012)
Duck hunt (2013)
What a hunt! (2013)
Anytime is ice cream time (2013)
How will you die? (2014)
We look amazing in these gowns (2014)
Where are they now? (2014)
Where is water? (2015)
LA-Z Rider couch gag (2016)
Are you lost in the world like me? (2016)
Wake up call (2017)
In this cold place (2017)

Multiple magic from Steve Cutts. His almost joyously raging cynicism and criticism is almost always striking, even if the points are often driven home far too heavy-handedly.

Eclectic in style while consistent in tone, this is Message Movies at their most entertaining, whether commercial collaborations or artistic endeavors standing on their own. In my book of collected output.


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Happiness (2017)


A society of stressed out consumers with zero attention span, never content, always on the run, looking for something better – but failing miserably.

Very different from the Todd Solondz late 90s feature with the same name, this is instead a frenzied little rat race to the bottom and beyond.

Fast and somehow exhilarating despite the dark subject and hopeless tone. Maybe in my book of too simplistic moralities.

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Eclipse (2012)


Stones hover. A celestial light appears. An astronaut is gone. Quite evocative, but I must say I don’t understand this at all.

A very reliable-looking science fiction short. Old-school, line-oriented, almost monochrome art, and straightforward animation. Not in my retro book.

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