Tårtgeneralen (2018)

More lightweight than Roy Andersson, more eighties than Ulf Stark, more Swedish than Wes Anderson. Touching, funny, and quirky (without becoming irritating). The semi-documentary parts poses questions about authenticity – fitting for a movie concerned with what is true!

A time-capsule/biopic well worth watching, even if it might not qualify for my book of outsiders wanting in, and small-town losers somehow winning.

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Contratiempo (2016)

Chance, guilt, retribution – in continuously updated alternative timelines. A cool, clever, cerebral, complicated criminal construction, though emotionally lacking and with too many story turns.

Not in my book of false leads and multiplying possibilities.

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Relatos salvajes (2014)

”A movie about those who explode”
Damián Szifrón, writer/director

Six hilariously entertaining short films brimful with loss of control, anger, violence, revenge – and (in a few instances) possible reconciliation. Brilliantly energetic and captivating in everything from script over direction and acting to soundtrack.

A wild, funny, dark, and masterful satirical study. Would probably even qualify for my 101 book.

”The pleasure of reacting toward injustice”

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Hachi – a dog’s tale (2009)

This based-on-true-events canine biopic gone Hollywood gets rather odd taken out of its historical Japanese context. The nice execution and touching aspects almost makes you overlook the unlikely and dubious morals of several individuals repeatedly – and without seeming to care that much – letting a supposedly beloved dog stray.

Likeable dog, pale story. Not in my book of misguided loyalties.

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Secret in their eyes (2015)

Hollywood remake of an Oscar winning political thriller from Argentina. Considered inferior to the original, this is still competent moviemaking about love, loss, and justice – though heavily marred by unbelievably sloppy police procedure.

Sad and angry. Maybe in my book of life sentence.

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Inbrottet (2014)

Love (or lack thereof), crime, consequences. A reasonable premise built on chance and mistakes coupled with some rather intriguing details and quite nice looks. Unfortunately we also have to suffer a far too sketchy script, clunky direction, plus unimpressive acting.

Not convincing. Not in my book of low budget debut movies.

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Lady Bird (2017)

Meet annoying yet adorable teenager, highly intent on reinventing herself and getting away from it all – culturally lacking home town, stifling religion, unsatisfactory schoolmates, given name, even well-meaning yet suffering family.

Explores the mother and daughter thing in charming, quirky, and touching ways – but isn’t original enough for my coming of age book.

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