Pojat (1962)

– There’s no justice worth fighting for in Oulu.

It’s both scary, surreal, and disgusting to see the naively enthusiastic citizens of Oulu cheer and mingle with nazi troops during Finland’s continuation war.

– Coffee and grammar can’t hide women’s desires.

Things get gradually darker with corpse trains, smuggling, and executions – plus all the misguided »anti-heroics« of a rather daft boy gang trying their best to grow up through the strange war years. Hardly in my book of collaboration mechanisms, the farcical story and clumsy acting weakens the experience.

– Don’t you know all grown-ups are insane?

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1001 feminist movies – eventually


There are almost 300 to begin with – some from official editions, others not – and hopefully, this list will continue to grow!


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Saul fia (2015)

Depicting the »Sonderkommando« jews forced to help facilitate Holocaust hell, focusing on the hungarian Saul Ausländer. With teeth-clenched and numb determination amidst deadly chaos, he takes on an impossible and seemingly meaningless mission – a significant ritual where he tries to retain some semblance of humanity.

Told with relentless drive and cameras claustrophobically close to the characters, the movie is filled with threatening sounds, muffled whispers, and terrifying imagery – often brutally cropped and with thankfully short depth of field, blurring at least some of the revolting atrocities shown. In my book of doom.

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The look of silence (2015)

– It is not for us to punish.

People patiently waiting for butterflies to hatch is a recurring visual cue in the companion piece to »The act of killing«, Joshua Oppenheimer’s much-lauded account of the inexplicably cruel and revolting anti-communist oppression in 1960s Indonesia. This time the young brother of one victim is conducting the interviews. Both perpetrators and survivors get their chance to speak up.

– You ask much deeper questions than Joshua.

A quest through the past – in vain, mostly – for truth, knowledge, remembrance, responsibility, guilt, remorse, apologies, and maybe some kind of retribution. What strikes me as most odd – and more than a little scary – are the inappropriate smiles and calm politeness in the midst of all emotional turmoil. This is a story of not seeing, or not wanting to see. Sad, enraging, depressive – not a very uplifting look at humanity, but definitely in my book.

– If we didn’t drink human blood, we’d go crazy.

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Νύφες [Brides] (2004)

–Love is for the loiterers, Eleni. But I miss it.

Samothrace, Smyrna, Odessa. War, natural disasters, and poverty bring unfortunes, among them far too many unmarried women. This forces arranged marriages with »mail order brides« who have never even met their grooms. But real love strikes unexpected, of course.

– We’re just women.

Slow, sad, solemn drama of class, truth, and respect. Interesting and very well made, but probably a little too cautious for my book of bitter-sweet aftertastes.

– We end here.

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Fifty to go


The eternal countdown continues! As of now I only have access to 16 of the remaining 50, meaning there are another 34 to track down – see list below. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

A Hora e a Vez de Augusto Matraga (1965)
Memórias do Cárcere (1984)

Soldaten og Jenny (1947)
Nattevagten (1994)
Den eneste ene (1999)
Bænken (2000)
En soap (2006)

Niskavuoren naiset (1938)
Valkoiset ruusut (1943)
Rovaniemen markkinoilla (1951)
Sininen viikko (1954)
Kahdeksan surmanluotia (1972)
Häpy endkö? Eli kuinka Uuno Turhapuro sai niin kauniin ja rikkaan vaimon (1977)
Täältä tullaan, elämä! (1980)
Levottomat (2000)

Les tontons flingueurs (1963)
La grande vadrouille (1966)
Mr Klein (1976)

Oi Germanoi xanarhontai… (1948)
Nekri politeia (1952)
Laterna, ftoxia kai filotimo (1955)
Me tin lampsi sta matia (1966)
To proxeneio tis Annas (1974)
I ilikia tis thalassas (1978)
Arpa colla (1982)
Karkalou (1984)
Ta paidia tis Helidonas (1987)
Lefteris Dimakopoulos (1993)
Agelastos petra (2000)
O ergenis (2000)
To monon tis zois tou taxeidion (2001)

Als twee druppels water (1963)
Wilde mossels (2000)

Eggs (1995)

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Six more


New stuff has arrived – another half a dozen from the latest edition are now waiting on my shelves for future enjoyment. I am really looking forward to these!

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