Den eneste ene (1999)

One of the freshest feel-good films I’ve seen for quite a while, with odd characters and a lingering cinematographic style that creates a special mood. Rather predictable storywise and far too simplistic resolutions, but I suppose that comes with the genre.

The anti-abortion stance and at times prejudiced language surprised me a bit. Still in my book of contemporary hygge.

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double danish


Last friday was the third unboxing day in a row! This time with a double treat – »Soldaten og Jenny« plus »Den eneste ene«. Now there is only one package to wait for, hopefully it will arrive next week.

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amazon of the night


Yet another package, yet another movie. This time the envelope contained»Nattevagten« from the danish edition. 26 to go, slooowly getting there…

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greek journey


I have been eagerly awaiting shipments from Amazon, Dvdoo, and Ebay – yesterday the first one materialized. All the way from Greece, containing Tο μόνον της ζωής του ταξείδιον!

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done – again!?


Yesterday I enjoyed the last of the new additions in the 2016 edition of the book – yet another goal reached! But I’m still slowly plodding along with the localized editions…

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Straight outta Compton (2015)

Conventional, slightly jumbled, engaging – a heady concoction of black anger at institutionalized racism, musical career skills, and youthful lack of impulse control.

Partly fictionalized and heavily sanitized, as Hollywood biopics have an unfortunate tendency to be. Still maybe in my book of reality rap.

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dvdoo, dobedo, yabbadabbadoo


Found a danish online store with a couple of the missing local titles in stock. »Soldaten og Jenny« plus »Den eneste ene« are now on their way – yay!


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