A Joy Story (2018)

Helping a heron? Really? Well…

Not in my book despite extreme leves of cuteness.


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Jacob (2018)

This simple, short, and somewhat strange elegy travels much too far into uncanny desert.

Still strangely mesmerizing, though – but ultimately not in my book.


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Happy world (2016)

Nothing wrong with the actual message but this is severely marred by weird character design, awkward animation and shallow story.

Not in my book of doing good.


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Moon (2009)

The titular celestial body itself is largely irrelevant in this tight tale of isolation, identity, and benevolent intelligence – artificial or not.

Short, slick, and sharply to the point despite a somewhat implausible premise. Maybe in my book of coming to terms with yourself. And yourself.

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おくりびと [Departures] (2008)

It is often interesting to see moviemakers trying their hands at a story without bad guys. This quite successful mix of odd comedy and dignified beauty pairs an unusual premise and unconventional build-up with some overly predictable and sentimental turns. It still works rather well because of pace and acting.

Leaving old dreams for new, societal pressure, parentage. Probably in my book of — literally — life and death.

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Catch it (2015)

A bunch of funny-looking little critters – with impressive CGI fur – battle it out with an ugly vulture over some luscious exotic fruit.

The ending comes as no big surprise, but getting there is an entertaining ride. Not in my book, though.


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Sweet cocoon (2014)

Unconventional – and constantly likable – characters and story leading to an unexpected – and unnecessary – shock ending.

Engaging if a bit shallow. Probably not in my book of transformation with complications.


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