Verdens undergang (1916)


The comet cometh – an event bringing fake news, stock market chaos, and violent uprising! A splendidly unreliable, greedy, ruthless capitalist – complete with high hat! – revels recklessly in irresponsible and self-destructive debauchery when facing the impending doom from above.

Entertaining and impressive for its age, but not in my apocalyptic book – pioneering or not.

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Enemy (2013)


Identity crisis – including high heels and various arachnids! Two dysfunctional couples are exposed to some heavy emotional anguish, triggering confusingly extreme over-reactions. The intensity is enhanced by an ominous doom and gloom score, plus a dystopian Toronto predominantly in brown and yellow hues – updated seventies vibes, anyone?

Highly engaging despite the apparent and unpleasant undercurrent of misogyny. Maybe in my book of partner swapping Nobel laureate adaptations.

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Himmelskibet (1918)


Expressively high-strung, pathetically pompous, quasi-religiously utopian – this is far into corny corner even if you are used to silent drama. Silly posturing and slow motion storytelling aside, I must admit it is unexpected to see the martians depicted as chaste and peaceful vegetarians.

A pioneering and partly fascinating science fiction movie, but still far from my book of space opera.

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Brutti, sporchi e cattivi (1976)


There’s no way out in this circular dark comedy chronicling the misadventures of a disgusting patriarch and his equally repulsive family. Everything wallows deep in thick layers of filth, almost completely obliterating any social indignation or message eventually intended.

Shock value entertainment. In my book of grotesque provocation? Hard to say.

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Along came Auntie (1926)


Inheritance and marital complications. Pre-Laurel & Hardy containing only the latter, this silent short is filled with wild and weird antics without too much logic.

Reasonably fresh and spunky, but not in my book of multiple husbands.

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That’s my wife (1929)


Bizarre gender bender with an unwilling Stan Laurel in hideous drag. Contains quite a few weird bits, too bad that only a few of them – mostly the groping scenes, actually – are more than mildly funny.

Nice touch with the surprise ending, though. Not in my book of soup bowls.

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On the loose (1931)


Dated on dating. Surprisingly lame short, with staged and stuffy set-ups for mostly weak gags that is drawn out for far too long.

Coney baloney. Not in my book of amusement.

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