Mélodie en sous-sol (1963)

– When I was 19, I enjoyed everything.

The utter inability – and unwillingness – to adapt or change, for old and young criminals alike. Add to that the outsider’s look at existence, with no sense of real belonging, never fully committing to anyone or anything but the huge heist at hand.

– Are you ever nice?

Unexpected complications arise, naturallement.

– I’m never fantastic. I just hope I’m not too terrible.

A carefully measured build-up leads towards the tense, suspense-filled final act. The ending is poetically dense, if a trifle too elaborate, with almost overwhelming soundtrack and repressed emotion accompanying the bittersweet images.

– In life there are no big things… just fatalities.

Most probably in my book.

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Fanfare (1958)

– This is an unusual village.

A whimsical, almost surreal intro featuring haystack hornblowing and sliding cows is followed by a goodhearted parable of neighbourly discord and the power of music! The absurd antics and low-key, sometimes almost invisible Tatiesque humour works well if you’re in the mood for silliness.

– The quarrels will solve themselves.

»Kunst en vriendschap«. Maybe in my book of idyllic settings, enjoyable imagery, and a mildly Romeo and Juliet-ish love theme – with farm animals seemingly mimicking and commenting on the story.

– You see, nothing bad was intended. Even though it seems hopeless, if you let them be, things will work out in the end.

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A few of the 1001 – plus tons of other good stuff! – can be found among the hundreds of free and not-entirely-free movies on this site, which seems to be a very ambitious and honourable endeavor indeed.


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furyroad1FURY ROAD

Mad Max – Fury Road (2015)

Gasoline, water, breast milk, blood – many varieties of costly fluids are spilled recklessly in this fast and furious fightfest that turns out to be one hell of a ride there and back again!

No rest for the wicked, nor the good. In my book of full throttle post-apocalyptic heavy metal road movie westerns.

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Η Ιστορία Μιας Κάλπικης Λίρας [The counterfeit coin] (1955)

Tongue is often placed firmly in cheek in this four-episode monetary warning. It begins with counterfeiting and continues with begging and prostitution, passes poverty and greed, finally ending in desperate love.

Surprisingly frank and neat. Maybe in my book of parts and sums.

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Ο μεθύστακας [The drunkard] (1950)

– ”D.Bakas & Son”.
– And you are the Holy Spirit.

An unhappy alcoholic and his self-sacrificing daughter are the driving forces in this shamelessly sentimental and melodramatic story where immature games of conquest lead to true love across class borders.

Lots of clichés, but effective and quite potent ones. Hardly in my book, though.

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backtrack; The Prestige (2006)


Reality versus appearance! Two obsessedly competitive stage magicians push their performances farther and farther, while at the same time trying their best to sabotage each other’s careers. Things go terribly wrong, of course.

Bursting at its seams with intriguing ideas, twisting and turning rapidly all the way. Most probably in my book of pro and con men.

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