Цапля и журавль [The Heron and the Crane] (1974)


The dreamy and diffused beauty of the sceneries mismatch a little with the awkward and silly birds, but this strangely existential love story somehow works anyway.

A charming, mild, slow, repetitive, unresolved, and ultimately sad comedy of manners with exquisite details. Maybe in my book of both wit and whimsy.

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Frost/Nixon (2008)


Ironically, this is a story about truth and lies presented in a rather untruthful way. The recurring question is »Why?«: Why did Frost really want to interview Nixon? Why did Nixon want be interviewed? And why on Earth did Ron Howard want to do this movie in this manner?

Some of these questions are partially answered, others not at all. Well-crafted and quite interesting to watch, but hardly in my book of talking heads.

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Лиса и заяц [The fox and the hare] (1973)


A delightful, unconventional, slightly ironic take on an old russian animal fable. Exquisitely made with multi-layered, folk art-influenced backgrounds and some quite funny cut-outs.

Norshteyn’s third work as director is deceptively simple and very enjoyable. Not in my book of housing problems, however.

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Сеча при Керженце [The battle of Kerzhenets] (1971)


Yuriy Norshteyn’s second endeavor is a medieval-looking cut-out stop-motion animation with glowing colours plus some evocative and nice-looking effects, even if the film taken as a whole is too limited and »empty« to have much staying power in my mind.

A fresco-based war of legends depicted as a solemn sea of black and red. An interesting visual exeperiment, but not in my book of battle.

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Fox and the whale (2017)


A slow, low-key visual poem of sorts, meticulously animated in an appealing mix of 3D realism and rather extreme geometric stylization.

The fox wanders aimlessly through breathtaking surroundings. Nothing much really happens storywise, but I still think I’ll keep this in my book of beautiful whimsy.


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25-е – первый день [The 25th – the first day] (1968)


Fragments of Tatlin’s tower, billowing red flags, Shostakovich. Grey cubist cityscapes superimposed upon one another, with constructivist text. The swirling movement of the people is a rebellious dance impossible to stop. Capitalism, royalty, and religion are swept away by the fiery tidal wave of history. With Lenin towards victory!

Yuriy Norshteyn’s directorial debut is nine minutes of blatant agitprop, with beautiful collage-styled animation paying homage to the montage techniques of Eisenstein and soviet art from the 1920s.

In my book of retro execution. I don’t give much for the revolutionary nostalgia of the actual content, however.

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Feed (2014)


Synthetic-looking short about an old woman on a picnic with a weird – and extremely hungry! – little creature.

Rather odd. Maybe in my book of eating.


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