a teaser has arrived


This just in!

One more to watch, then.


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Λατέρνα φτώχεια και γαρύφαλλο (1958)


Running only 83 minutes, this is still stretched out in absurdum due to the almost nonexistent storyline. A simplistic feelgood bagatelle, every bit as naively goodhearted as its popular predecessor. Strangely intriguing body language from the irresistible Tzeni Karezi.

Allegedly the first sequel in greek movie history, definitely the first non-1001 feature I review here. Quite enjoyable, but not enough so to qualify for my book.

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Legendary film critic Mårten Blomkvist examines the tumultuous movie year 1967 in leading swedish daily »Dagens Nyheter«. He specifically mentions ten titles, six of which are among the 1001:

Hoří, má panenko
Bonnie and Clyde
Guess who’s coming to dinner
In the heat of the night
Doctor Dolittle
The graduate
Elvira Madigan
Här har du ditt liv
Jag är nyfiken – gul


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five irritating movies


Number 1308 the other day may have been the last 1001 entry for quite some time, though actually I still have five titles available – one on dvd, three on YouTube, and one as a downloaded file. I cannot enjoy any of them, however, since they are without subtitles and my language skills are almost nonexistent when it comes to greek and portuguese…

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Λατέρνα, φτώχεια και φιλότιμο [The hurdy-gurdy] (1955)

Two poor, struggling street musicians happen upon the runaway daughter of a rich ship magnate – humorous complications arise! An oldfashioned, mildly prejudiced featherweight story with good acting and snappy dialogue.

There is little profundity here, but everything is very enjoyable. A delightful bagatelle, probably in my book of unabashedly happy endings.

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Kjære nabo!

It has been very koselig, but I have now seen all additional titles from the norwegian local edition of the book. Therefore I will move on to the few remaining 1001 movie pastures.

Med venlig hilsen
Søte Bror

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Eggs (1995)

Intrusion, incapability, (in)dependence. Slow and absurd kitchen sink comedy with unexpected, largely unexplained horror story details.

An enjoyable and somewhat disturbing mystery. Maybe in my low-key book of remote brethren.

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