Betty Boop 1932: Talkartoons


Any rags

»Here comes the old rag man«. Bimbo collects lots of strange stuff while Betty and Koko is seen in supporting roles.

Fast-moving and freewheeling. Not in my book.

– – –


Typically thirties! Lacking storywise, but a nice string of jokes and all kinds of weird characters moving around fluidly in this circus-themed short.

Stupid and easily digested. Not in my book.

– – –

The robot

Artwork, characters, animation – almost everything here seems like a throwback to a more primitive level. And is it Betty changing her looks all the time, or does Bimbo have another girlfriend?

Confusing and inconsequent. Not in my book.

– – –

Minnie the moocher

After being pestered by her parents (not for the first time it seems), »the queen of the animated screen« elopes with Bimbo and ends up in a cave full of frights. Quite illogic and not overly funny, but still one of the most famous of the series – partly because of the Cab Calloway footage and music.

Not in my book.

– – –

Swim or sink

Shipwrecked, captured by pirates, chained – nothing can change the jolly mood of Betty, Bimbo, and Koko!

Not in my book.

– – –

Crazy Town

Betty and Bimbo explain it best themselves in the theme song: Foolish facts, foolish facts, foolish things and silly acts. But we have nothing else to do, so let’s go crazy!

Everything is completely bonkers in this town. Not in my book of mental issues.

– – –

The dancing fool

»Dancing to save your soul«. Cleverly conceived, a dance school seems to be the most natural habitat for Betty, Bimbo and Koko.

Moving and grooving. Not in my book of musical mirth and mishaps.

– – –


Not much doubt about the outcome of this unconventional chess-battle.

Not in my book.

– – –

A hunting we will go

Bimbo and Koko tries – eventually with great success – to collect the furs of some really odd-looking animals. Betty disapproves!

Not in my animal rights book.

– – –

Hide and seek

Is this really Betty? If so, the spoiler is she’s getting married to Bimbo after a kidnapping and a descent into hell!

Not in my book.

– – –

Admission free

From penny arcade to small game hunting to fireworks and explosions – no logic or story arc whatsoever is needed in a Fleischer cartoon!

Not in my book.

– – –

The Betty Boop Limited

A rather relaxed train journey with some laidback musical and comical acts.

Not in my book.

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Betty Boop 1931


Teacher’s pest

Things get cuter and more childish than usual when dealing with Bimbo’s school days. Cameo by Betty.

Not in my book.

– – –

The bum bandit

Gosh wow, there is actually a real and rather neat little story among all the hilariousness here – that’s quite a surprise!

Maybe in my book.

– – –

Silly scandals

No scandals to be found anywhere, only dancing penguins and a malevolent magician.

Somewhat mild. Not in my book.

– – –

The herring murder case

Another Bimbo-starring Talkartoon with an appearance by his love interest Betty Boop – and a very jittery Koko the clown. This time it’s a detective story where not much happens.

Not in my book of inane endings.

– – –

Bimbo’s initiation

An unusually cruel tale of sharp, threatening objects and self-spanking. Betty appears only briefly, but is still important to the story.

Not in my book of multitude.

– – –

Bimbo’s express

– I can’t open the door now, I’m in my nightie.
– All right, I’ll wait til you take it off.

Innocent innuendo and hapless happenings. Not in my book of moving.

– – –

Minding the baby

Betty and Bimbo are portrayed as children in this surreal mix of innocence and naughtiness.

Bimbo’s little brother Aloysius plays a pivotal role. Not in my book.

– – –


Dancing, dueling, and scat singing. And poor Bimbo finally loses it when Betty proposes!

Not in my book.

– – –

Jack and the beanstalk

The cigar-smoking, spaghetti-munching, split-pea-soup-guzzling giant has enslaved Betty but is no match for bean-growing, lasso-wielding, smooth-talking Bimbo »The Bum«.

Not in my book.

– – –

Dizzy Red Riding Hood

Bimbo saves the day in this rhyming ribaldry. And the wolf sings with an accent – is he italian?

Differs a lot from the original, but I see no dizziness!? Not in my book of twisted fairy tales.

– – –

Any little girl that’s a nice little girl

Tommy Cat has a lot of girls to handle, and some of them looks a little like Betty.

More crude and boring than expected. Not in my book.

– – –

My wife’s gone to the country

The so-called »Screen Songs« are normally less interesting than the other Fleischer cartoons, and this is no exception. Nice tune, though – hoo-ray, hoo-ray!

Extremely brief and unimportant appearance by Betty. Not in my book.

– – –

Betty Co-ed

An unfamiliar-looking Betty in a catchy college number.

Not in my school book.

– – –

Little Annie Rooney

Betty plays no part whatsoever, inexplicably appearing only as a statuette in the background of one scene.

Bimbo is here, though – and Annie Rooney could just as well have been Betty. Not in my book.

– – –

Kitty from Kansas City

Sheer rhythm! A mix of live-action and animation, with a crude but charming proto-Boop.

A celebration of movement. Not in my book.

– – –

By the light of the silvery moon

That old moon sure is full – of mischief, that is! Betty only shows up for a few seconds near the end.

Not in my book.

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Betty Boop 1930


Dizzy dishes

The deranged debut of world-famous cartoon flapper Betty Boop, who looked even more grotesque in the beginning!

Joyously carefree. Not in my book.

– – –

Barnacle Bill

Bimbo as a rough and tough little man of the seas goes ashore to court a love-smitten »Nancy Lee« that looks just like Betty.

Simplistic story sparkling with ingenious concoctions – as usual! Not in my book.

– – –

Swing you sinners!

So crazy it almost gets scary for real. No Betty at all in this one though, only her sometimes boyfriend Bimbo.

Inspired, but not in my book.

– – –

Mysterious Mose

Primitive, playful, almost experimental bagatelle, crammed with morphing creatures and objects.

Utterly bizarre! Not in my book of mystery.

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1001 boops


Lately I’ve been enjoying tons of early Fleischer Studios animated Betty Boop cartoons. And even if none of them would qualify separately for my book of musical shorts, the whole series taken together just might.

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Ο εργένης [The bachelor] (1997)

Unusual love/crime story of sorts, chronicling the gradual descent of one chosen man.

Highly ironic and only partially resolved. Not in my book of unwilling providers.

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Despite me being swedish I’ve only seen 19, but my guess is that the remaining ones are just as good – recommended!

No more than half a dozen of these are in any of the 1001 editions, by the way.

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The old man of the mountain (1933)


A very rudimentary story, not much more than a charming and innovative package full of bizarre visual antics – topped with lots of the inimitable Cab Calloway!

Occasionally funny and somewhat sexist. A nice piece of pre-code comedy, though not in my book of long legged flappers.

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