Hairspray (2007)


– I wish every day was Negro Day!

A jolly musical about dancing – and racial tension? Well why not, considering that this is based on an eighties movie by cult director John Waters.

Simplistic and more than a little bizarre, sporting some really nice songs with very tongue-in-cheek lyrics. Plus what could be John Travolta’s weirdest screen appearance ever!

Probably in my book of innocence, joy, and sparkling energy.

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Dans la cour (2014)


No love, no action, no regular story arc or closure. Just a house, its inhabitants, and the new caretaker – all slowly deteriorating in this »comedy« of depression, neurosis, and other mental issues.

Unusual and peculiar are often good words in my book, but not so this time. Interesting and quirky characters cannot save the weak, unresolved story.

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The dictator (2012)


Everyone’s (?) favourite provocateur Sacha Baron Cohen manages to be both lame and outrageous here. The political satire is far too shallow and the romance is often more than ridiculous in the wrong way, but the comic gross-outs are sometimes inventive – especially the birth scene.

Short, entertaining, wafer-thin. Not in my book of mad oppressors.

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Irrational man (2015)


Moral philosophy and murder. Neither the characters nor their relations come across as very believable, but the dialogue sure has its clever moments. Even a mediocre Woody Allen is more elegant than many other directors.

Impressive sleight of hand, though not really near my book of ennui and rationalization.

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Spider-Man 3 (2007)


Cheesy, old-fashioned, juvenile, and intentionally goofy. More embarrassing than entertaining. People behave illogically and stupidly, and often act hideously out of character – Peter Parker’s »hip« emo look being especially laughable.

There is also too many different complications for one movie, some of which are not satisfyingly resolved. Not in my book of choices, even if Venom looks quite cool.

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Milk (2008)


– I’m here to recruit you.

Hope, perseverance, change, and fortuity.

– Fellow degenerates.

The conservative mindset on show here was a depressing surprise, like something from the fifties rather than from the seventies. That similar prejudice still exists is even more depressive.

– I’ve got my own issues.

Competent craftsmanship deftly blending personal and political issues.

– You got to give them hope.

Good though not great. Should be considered mandatory viewing I suppose, but lacks that extra something for my book of freedom.

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Genius (2016)


Theatrical, talky, almost monochrome – and allegedly not at all »a true story«, as stated in the beginning. Develops into a father and son tale of sorts, metaphorically depicted through the relation between a young energetic writer and his older and much calmer editor.

Maybe it’s no shock that a feature-length movie about book editing turns out to be a little drab, but this one is unnecessarily so – even if I actually like the drabness of Colin Firth and the muted colours. Ultimately not in my book of red pencil marks.

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